Herbs and essential oils

How medicinal plants changed my life.

 For my entire life, I have worked to heal from my past.  I have tried many approaches which have all led to continued growth.  We must continue to find ways to heal and find the answers that will bring us toward the happiness that we deserve.  Using essential oils has given me a quantum leap in healing.  


  Essential oils do this by stimulating the amygdala, the emotions center of the brain.  When combined with other inner work, powerful jumps can be accomplished in healing.  I recommend that you continue to work with supportive professionals during this journey as you may need this extra support.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.   


Choosing Essential Oils

Choose a company that makes a difference

I chose doTERRA essential oils for many reasons.  They support environmental sustainability, economic sustainability for small farmers in impoverished areas in 40 countries around the World

doTERRA is an extremely philanthropic organization that donates millions to people yearly. Their goal is to make the World a better place and they are making a massive impact!!!  It is such an honor to partner with this amazing company!!!  


It matters to me what I use on my body and my with my family.  doTERRA created their own standards known as Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.  These standards promise quality that is beyond organic.

This allows these oils to be used in a therapeutic manner that can elevate your health unlike other oils in the industry.  

Incorporate in to Your Wellness and Busi

Create the career of your Dreams

doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Starting a career as a Wellness Advocate can be exciting and empowering.  Let me help guide you through this experience.  Learn business and personal development strategies that will help you to exceed in this amazing industry.   I love to help people create their brands that incorporate the oils into their current business and health and wellness companies.  This sets them apart and gives you the unique edge that can set you aside from your competition.  It has been an honor for me to be able to watch my clients achieve a level of health that they never thought possible.  This is your birthright and you deserve this!!!


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